Under the traditional medical model, the outcome is focused on making a patient healthy. But what does it mean to keep a patient healthy and how does one do so? Boston Medical Center’s newest endeavor, Vision 2030, sets out to answer this question. With a goal of making Boston the healthiest city by 2030, Vision 2030 encompasses the longstanding belief that when an organization invests in the root causes of urban health issues, the community and its people greatly benefit and thrive.

Thanks to Columbia Threadneedle Investments and the Boston Triathlon, you have the opportunity to be a part of this mission as either an athlete with Team BMC—Boston Medical Center’s athletic fundraising team—or as a donor. No matter how you choose to participate, you will be making a difference for the city we all know and love. Team BMC - Boston Triathlon logo.png 

As the official charity partner of the Boston Triathlon, the funds raised through this year's Boston Triathlon will support Boston Medical Center and its work towards achieving Vision 2030. Specifically, donations will benefit Vision 2030’s key areas of focus: complex chronic disease, mental health disorders, housing insecurity and homelessness, other key social determinants of health (such as food) and, especially, substance use disorders. We can’t make Boston a healthier community without facing the addiction epidemic head on, treating patients with respect, eliminating stigma and addressing underlying mental health disorders and finding supportive housing and other services to help remove barriers they face.

With the support of Columbia Threadneedle Investments and the Boston Triathlon, our goal is to raise $100,000 to support BMC’s Vision 2030, which will improve Boston and beyond for years to come.

To read more about BMC’s addiction treatment programs, click here. To learn more about BMC’s Vision 2030, click here.

Thank you for supporting Boston Medical Center in our mission to provide exceptional care, without exception!