Boston Medical Center has served as the official charity partner of the Columbia Threadneedle Investments Boston Triathlon for five consecutive years where fundraising efforts supporting addiction medicine and BMC’s newest initiative, Vision 2030, helped propel our mission of providing exceptional care, without exception to all. Right now, as BMC stands on the frontline of the coronavirus (COVID-19) public health emergency, your support has never been more crucial.

Boston Medical Center is critical to the entire Boston community and that is especially so during the life of this pandemic. Being the largest and busiest provider of trauma and medical services in New England and a national model of excellence in emergency medicine, BMC will be instrumental for thousands of patients who turn to the hospital for its exceptional medical care in the weeks and months ahead. Team BMC - Boston Triathlon logo.png 

Additionally, BMC stands as New England’s largest safety net hospital and a national leader in caring for the urban and working poor. This unique role in caring for the city’s most vulnerable and underserved is more important than ever as BMC’s patient population—particularly the poor, homeless and marginalized—is at heightened risk during the COVID-19 crisis. So many people rely on BMC, not just solely for medical care but for services and supports the hospital provides our most vulnerable patients. This includes those who have substance use disorders and are already leading very stressful lives without the added anxiety of this pandemic—something that could ultimately lead to relapse for so many. BMC is fighting to prevent this by working diligently to maintain substance use disorder treatment services in the face of COVID-19 in order to avoid a next-wave epidemic of relapse and overdose.

With the support of Columbia Threadneedle Investments and the Boston Triathlon, our goal is to raise vital funds which will have an immediate and substantial impact on the hospital’s relief efforts as well as address a broad range of needs in our community during these especially challenging times.

Whether you choose to participate as an athlete with Team BMC—Boston Medical Center’s athletic fundraising team—or as a donor, know that you are showing your commitment to the entire city of Boston and making an impactful difference in the lives of so many as they charter incredible challenges now and into the foreseeable future. .